accounting, payroll, tax
accounting, payroll, tax

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A Perspective on The Tax Shop Franchise Value

Warren Buffet noted, ‘If you got the right kind of product, you may be paying for taste, you may be paying for a mental association that you have, or service availability. That’s franchise value, and I’d say that franchise is basically like a moat around your economic castle.’

I am an Accountant and Tax Practitioner - What Could Go Wrong?

Ask yourself - What could go wrong if:  51,5% of accountants have not started planning for 2019?  40,5% of accountants will not meet their targets for 2018?  61% of accountants are likely to introduce a new service in 2019?  80,5% of accountants need technical support in response to a client engagement and tax related queries?

Want more Time, Money and Freedom running your own accounting practice?

Are you an accountant or tax practitioner? Do you run an accounting practice and want to be ready for the fast lane with a strong digital brand that sets you apart from the rest? Have you always dreamt of becoming your own boss and want to start an accounting practice? Then, The Tax Shop Franchise is for you! Be a part of our success story and write your own? Find out how...

SARS’ lifestyle audits dig deep to find hidden assets

SARS has the power to gather information to ensure that taxpayers have complied with their fiscal obligations.  Besides, SARS may require taxpayers to submit documentation in substantiation of the tax returns submitted or may conduct detailed audits on a taxpayer’s affairs by physically inspecting the taxpayer’s premises and carrying out an audit on site.

2018 SARS tax deadline is looming!

By now your personal tax filing is done and dusted and you have already received your refund from SARS. Right? We know that this best-case scenario may not necessarily be applicable to you for the following three reasons...