accounting, payroll, tax
accounting, payroll, tax

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Directors' Duties and Responsibilities!

Directors of companies enjoy a privileged position in that they are responsible for the running and administration of the entity entrusted to them. This includes being aware of the common law duties applicable to them as well as the statutory duties required of them by the Companies Act.

What to do if you have no IRP5/IT3a certificate?

You, as an employee have no IRP5/IT3a tax certificate. How do you submit your tax return?

Who May File a Tax Return?

Traditionally, taxpayers have used family, friends, work colleagues or professional accountants to file their tax returns. Here we look at who may legally do so.

All you Need to Know about the EMP501 Reconciliation Process

Every employer registered with SARS is required to submit an EMP501 reconcilation twice a year.

What are Payroll Taxes?

Payrol taxes refer to the deductions withheld from an employer on the salary of an employee which relate to tax and/or other contributions collected on behalf of SARS and/or other government bodies.