accounting, payroll, tax
accounting, payroll, tax

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OMW…I was wrong!

So, you’ve made a mistake with your taxes and the revenue authority imposed a hefty understatement penalty.

What is Happening with Tax on Expats?

There can be no doubt that the all the hype around the proposed tax on South African expats has caused a fair amount of consternation. Let's take a look at Treasury's latest position.

The Tax Benefits of Bursaries/Scholarships for Employees

Want to know a great way to keep your employees happy?

Do We Need a Tax Calculator?

Have you ever wondered whether it is necessary to have a tax calculator?

Interest Rates in 2019 – Which Way Will They Go and Why?

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it is about the future” (Nils Bohr – Nobel Laureate) Normally the market and economic commentators react favourably to interest rate decisions of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC). The Reserve Bank, which houses the MPC, is one of the most admired institutions in the country. The MPC’s decision to raise interest rates in November 2018 however drew a sharp reaction, and polarised opinion into two camps, both with strong arguments.